Poplars in the moonlight

Poplars in the moonlight. The nocturnal theme continues, this is the second study, oil on canvas panel, 20x25cm

Moonlight study

It’s been a while since I’ve painted a night scene, nearly forgot how much fun it is, it’s time to return to painting the moonlight. Oil on canvas panel, 20x25cm

Willow Tree

Willow tree, today’s study. First day of the new year but the fog continues so once again I am painting out of season. Oil on canvas paper, 21x27cm

Summer view

Summer view, today’s effort. One more study with the brighter colours, it looks like I might stick to this pallet for a while. Oil on canvas paper, 21x27cm

Poplars, overcast day

Poplars, today’s study. I like to complain about the grey weather but actually I don’t mind the unsettled conditions all that much, it is unpleasant but the light and the contrast between the heavy sky and greenery can be quite pleasant. Oil on canvas paper, 21x27cm

Wheat Fields

Wheat Fields, today’s study. Once again a summer theme, much more fun to paint than the current grey and dull weather outside. Oil on canvas paper, 21x27cm

Pine tree, summer

Back to Summer with today’s study, a pine tree. Oil on canvas paper, 21x27cm

Birch trees, Autumn

Birch trees, new study. I will not be caught painting in season it seems, this view represents what could have been seen a month ago, things are a bit bleaker right now. Oil on canvas paper, 21x27cm

Sunny summer day

Sunny summer day, today’s study, oil on canvas paper, size approx. 21x27cm

Pine trees

Pine trees, today’s effort, oil on canvas paper, size 21x27cm